Alessandro Mendini

Alessandro Mendini is an unique person characterised for his great generosity amongst many of his other qualities. He passed away at the age of 87 leaving behind a huge void. He was the one that defined the concept of “neoartesanado postindustrial” (new post industrial crafted art) much like the what we do at BD since the business started in 1972, sponsered after by masters like Álvaro Siza Vieira, Ettore Sottsass and he himself. In the happy 80’s he designed the rugs for us, and he brought exhibitions such as the “Zabro, other furniture and objects of the Nuova Alchimia Collection” in (1986) to our showroom in Barcelona. He has always accompanied us and we in turn have always followed his advice not to lose our identity, to be indifferent to trends and to look for beauty. It’s only been a few months since we wanted to give a new thank you, requesting a new piece for our Art Editions Collection. Alessandro projected it with the same excitement that he had earlier on. A singular piece, made from a concept he called Tarsia Urbana (in Italian it’s translated urban marquetry), a limited edition and manufactured with care. For us it was a celebration. He decorated it with a large cup and named it “Cristallo”. History has wanted it to be Mendini’s last design done throughout his long and rich professional career. Let’s drink to him.

Alessandro Mendini | TERTIUS COLLECTION
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Cristallo Cupboard - Dali inspired Barcelona Design Functional Furniture