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Samuel Dejong

With his sculptures, Samuel Dejong (1971) stretches the limits of technical as well as aesthetic potential. For only with an open mind, free of preconceptions, can one accomplish what initially seemed impossible, and thereby elevate something relatively inconspicuous - or disconcerting even - to the level of art. With this philosophy, Samuel challenges us to witness the beauty of the foundation of our ecosystem: insects. No other creatures are as elegant and fragile yet strong and indestructible. They embody pure aesthetics, with their utmost detailed perfection. In his art, Samuel strives for the same level of perfection. Using technical precision he developed as a surgeon, he replicates the insects’ anatomy, producing copies virtually indistinguishable from the original. One might say they even surpass the original’s beauty, because Samuel places the insects in an entirely new context.

William Rosewood

William Rosewood explored the arts at a very early age and had his own clothing business by the end of 16. He is fine arts graduate from the Willem de Kooning Academy since 2015. It was here where Rosewood learned the artistry in commercial image-making. Yet he doesn’t have too many rewarding memories of his time at the academy and rather became rebellious towards too simple-minded ideas. He started pushing the limit of what is possible and started experimenting with different materials. Rosewood created his own unique signature style in which he combines the usage of rather unconventional materials such as human blood with large visualizations.


Our love for Dutch artists does not stop at modern art. Our art collection extends to as far as 1600s, displaying the Dutch cultural heritage. Explore and enjoy our best masterpieces in detail to fall in love with the Dutch masters, as we did.