Resident Arist - Remi Wortmeyer | TERTIUS COLLECTION

Remi Wörtmeyer - Artist Profile

Dancer, choreographer, painter and now sculptor, Remi Wörtmeyer is one of Australia’s most successful international artists. Crediting his formal dance training as starting at the Terry Simpson Studios in Adelaide, he went on to be Dux of his Australian Ballet School year, followed by the offer of a contract with The Australian Ballet where he danced for 8 years.

Eager to express

A multi award winning dancer, Remi is revered across Europe for his performances, recently named 15th in Dance Europe’s, World’s Top 100 Dancers and beloved of many of the world’s most influential choreographers. Now an accomplished choreographer himself, he is also increasingly forging a name in artistic circles outside of dance with his paintings which are regularly exhibited in galleries in his home city of Amsterdam. Adding to his growing list of artistic accomplishments, in this last year as Covid 19 restricted performances, Remi adapted and turned his creative focus to sculpture and is currently enjoying his first featured displays at Gallery Viola Winokan, Amsterdam and at Michael Reid Gallery in Berlin. 

Apollo II
Homage to Piet