Huge Amethyst on Stand


This brass mechanism to allows you to grab a real Meteorite in your hand and hold this incredible stone that went through the atmosphere.

This rare mineral of 65grams fell on our earth on the 12th of February 1947 in Siberia  ( Sikote Aline). It has been eyewitnessed as it descended at an angle of about 41 degrees. As the meteorite — traveling at a speed of about 14 km/s — entered the atmosphere, it began to break apart, and the fragments fell all together. Only 6% of the meteorite that fell on earth, contains iron. The alloy it is made of is called Kamacite, and it's something man didn't manage to reproduce on earth... Nowadays, all the Sikote Alin's that have been discovered, and are in the hands of collectors. Are you next....?

Unique Piece: includes QR code with all information