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Our History

The story of BD Barcelona Design

Cultivating beauty

The founders and still current owners – originating from the world of culture, not business – oriented production based on cultivating beauty, right from the beginning. In some cases giving priority to beauty over function, while combining artisan processes with industrial technologies, venturing on the luxury of things well done and distancing ourselves from mass production.

BD is different

In 1972, a group of young architects and designers from Barcelona created BD with the aim of producing and marketing furniture and other objects for our projects, with complete creative freedom and with a criterion that has turned out to be quite different from the norm at companies in the sector, regarding both the shape and function.

The sum of many things

We produce in Barcelona to furnish unique spaces everywhere in the world. Both in the home and on projects for offices, hotels, restaurants and public places. We are present in over 60 countries at the best designer shops and at art galleries, while also cooperating with the most avant-guard interior design and architecture studios.

The BD brand, which means Barcelona Design, has been enriched by all the designs we’ve produced, and it is the heterogeneous result of the sum of many things, including talent and a sense of humour, openness to cultures and respect for the classics. Memory, tradition, innovation and much imagination.

Courtesy of BD Barcelona Design (2022)