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Atelier Regtt

At the dawn of his career as a lawyer, Jurgen Regtuit decides to follow his true passion and enrolls to the Royal Academy of Visual Arts (KABK) in The Hague. After finishing his study, he dedicates himself to making sculptures. He turns to this ancient craft with a fresh perspective: his sculptures are created from the restrictions that he imposes on himself during the work process. He listens carefully to the material he works with and follows its lead— with this his first collection is created—inspired by medieval wooden sculptures. In parallel, he puts together a series inspired by the Dutch landscapes, as picturesquely depicted by Rembrandt, and Chinese and Japanese landscapes, as seen in prints and pen drawings.

His unorthodox choice of material—tie wraps—leads to the emergence of lucid and light forms, which seem to appear naturally from the hands of the artist.