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“To share that amazing wow feeling I have when I come accross world-class Fine Art or Luxury Interior: that I know has great story line and artistic value is my passion.”


Art Sourcing

Explore the story behind a masterpiece by Jan Beerstraten depicting Dutch ships in the strait of Sondt between Sweden and Denmark

Art Sourcing

Discover Samuel Dejong’s re-imagined ode to the Dutch Heritage. Our residence artist works with very fine materials, creating light objects with a lasting impression


Barcelona Design Art carries the legacy of Salvador Dali’s brilliant crazy mind by eternalising it in a collection of exclusive functional design pieces.

    As seen in the store showcase:

    Our Services

    Art Sourcing

    We specialise in finding meticulously curated masterpieces and truly unique works of art and design 

    Interior Styling

    We offer tailor-made design, custom interior design art and advice on interior styling

    Worldwide Shipping

    We ship worldwide with FedEx, crated and insured

    Furniture Sourcing

    We work together with a multitude of exclusive interior design suppliers to help you find the right pieces for your living spaces


    by Samuel Dejong


    by Victor Muller

    Gaulino Chair

    by Antoni Gaudí

    Dutch Skating Scene

    by Dirk Jan van der Laan

    Fruit Still LIfe

    by Bartholomeus Assteyn

    Round Mirror

    by Atelier Regtt

    Seascape with ships off ‘t’Sondt’

    by Jan Beerstraten
    Ask Tertius Collection

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