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“Hommage de Magritte”

by Eckhardt Productions


  • Designed in 1991 by Rob Eckhardt
  • Revisited in 2020 by Cas Eckhardt
  • Available in Brass or Bronze, polished or unpolished

Surrealistic candle holder revisited

Initially designed in 1991 by Rob Eckhardt, a Dutch architect and furniture designer, the “Hommage de Magritte” candle holder is being re-released. Twenty-seven years later, Cas Eckhardt, the designer’s son, revisits the design under the name HOMMAGE.
“It’s time to give new life to this artistic design,” he said. A tribute to the artist Magritte and to his father.

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Questioning reality

Rob Eckhardt calls it his simplest design ever. All he needed to do was to go to an Amsterdam tobacconist, find the largest smoking pipe and make a mold at a foundry. The idea originated from the painting “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” (This is not a pipe) by surrealist painter René Magritte. Similarly to the artwork, the candle holder twists reality with its shape and appearance.


Cas Eckhardt’s concept stemmed from the idea that we should not forget our classics. “I grew up among my father’s furniture, which made these special objects very mundane in our home,” Cas Eckhardt explains. “Over time, I became more interested in the stories behind my father’s pieces. 

As far as I am concerned, the pipe is one of his finest designs. So naturally, it is a thrill to see it again in contemporary interiors, where new stories can form around the candle holder.”

Old & New

Rob Eckhardt plays an advisory role in this project, particularly around production. In addition, Cas Eckhardt collaborates with young talent, such as Anna de Vogel (photography), Tata Osvaldo Genco (photography), Nina Quax (design), and Freek Jautze (social).

Bronze – unpolished

Bronze – polished

Brass – unpolished

Brass – polished

From Dutch soil

HOMMAGE is hand-made in the Netherlands in collaboration with a foundry specializing in sand-casting. The finishing, blasting, and polishing, are done by hand, making each product unique. Moreover, each candlestick is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. The famous pipe is now available in brass and bronze.

Dimensions:  18.5 x ø14 cm (incl. round base)
Material: Available in Bronze or Brass, polished or unpolshed versions.
Weight: 2 kg
Designer: Rob Eckhardt